Australian Mobile Security Brief

Published Jun 02, 2017 by Ncrypt

As an Australian in 2017, it is only expected that you own some sort of mobile device, and, as a nation, we have now become addicted. Research shows that 64% of Australians don’t go anywhere without their phone in hand, with 73% of those being millennials (18-34 year olds).

Your smartphone is now just as important as your bank cards and license… but why wouldn’t it be? Being able to shop, pay bills, study, order takeaway, set reminders and download apps trying to improve our lifestyle are all at a touch of a button.

So if you lost everything on your phone, you can only imagine the devastation you would feel, if you haven’t felt it already. Like 33% of other millennials who have, and another 40% in the total number of people who have fallen victim to a mobile security breach.

“Australians are concerned about mobile security, but the majority aren’t doing enough about it!”

From the survey paypal undertook, it shows us that 49% of people are concerned about their mobile security, another 67% of people said they needed more mobile security. 25% of people have experienced fraudulent transactions, as well as 25% of people have experienced phone loss or theft. 67% of people said they needed more mobile security, however, 34% of people aren’t sure on what security measures to take.

“With more than a quarter of Australian smartphone users having experienced fraud, loss or theft, it’s worrying only a third of us have bothered to enable all the security features available on our devices”

Your mobile security is not something you would generally think about without reason, but it should be.

A study of online shoppers showed that 50% of the people believe that it’s within their own responsibility to provide the necessary security measures to keep our personal information safe, however 28% believe that the responsibility of personal information should be protected by the business they are purchasing from. A further 16% state the responsibility lies with their financial institutions.

This demonstrates how important it is for Australian businesses to invest in secure payment platforms underlying their mobile checkout experience.”

We’d like to see Australians taking a proactive approach to understanding how to secure their financial details on their mobile device to avoid security breaches. But businesses also have a crucial role to play in education around online security, and ensuring their own systems are safe so customers have peace of mind.”

Up to 24% have used a pet’s name or their birthday as a password. This demonstrates a clear gap between consumer concern about mobile security and the actions they are taking to protect themselves.”

Clearly us as Australians need to research and understand the different measures you can take to keep your details safe and secure. It’s not an option these days with technology increasing among population, it’s a necessity to advance into the future of online accessibility. Changing your password and pin codes regularly into complicated and meaningless sequences and making full use of encryption software is some first steps you can do in become more secure online.

Remember to keep your information as safe as you can, before it may one day be too late.

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