Future-ready security, care and management solutions, from mobile devices to management systems.

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What is CommuniTake?

Mobile devices are a part of everyone’s lives – both business and private – and CommuniTake Technologies is here to ensure that we use them, safe in the knowledge that our privacy is assured. They are a forward-thinking group of anti-hacking experts, developers from elite military cyber units and telecom veterans who have pooled their knowledge and experience to build future-ready security, care and management solutions. From mobile devices to management systems, CommuniTake want to see a world where individuals and organisations have access to more secure devices, without compromising on user experience and service.

Ncrypt offers CommuniTake’s flagship solution, IntactPhone.


Redefining mobile security for the business world

IntactPhone is a heavily secured smartphone and a smart solution for organisations that value privacy and security. It is built from the ground-up to provide a first and last line of defence against digital cyber-crime. IntactPhone’s features, include a custom-built security-rich operating system and encrypted communications, which directly addresses the many mobile security concerns plaguing the modern business world. Communitake solutions protect you from malware, eavesdropping, data breaches and hackers giving your business peace of mind.

IntactPhone technology allows you to implement a comprehensive security and compliance framework that matches your organisation’s unique and evolving mobile security requirements. In terms of both usability and functionality, IntactPhone features and benefits have your needs covered:

Key Features

Custom-build OS

IntactOS is security-rich, free of bloatware, hooks to carriers and leaky data.


Encrypted communications on any network, end-to-end voice and messaging encryption.


OS-fused command and control, configurable security use policies, always-on central administration and monitoring, multi-layer security via the OS and Android Enterprise.

Recorded communications

Archiving for both voice calls and messages, fully protected with complete encryption.

Additional features

Apps permission enforcement, encrypted data-at-rest, threat detection, anti-malware, BYOD privacy features, flexible deployment options, secure build, complete user privacy, best-in-class encryption.


  • Best of all worlds - holistic security platform
  • Hardware of trust - secure bootloader and official drivers
  • Enhanced privacy - with no/hybrid Google services