/e/ OS

A “privacy by design” mobile ecosystem for your Android smartphone to help you regain control over your data, because your data is YOUR data.

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What is /e/ OS

Open source | ECO-friendly | Privacy focused

/e/OS is a pro-privacy Android operating system strongly “de-googled”. This open source operating system is a fork of Android cleaned from unwanted data streams. It comes with alternative mobile services enabling you to browse, search, mail, navigate, even download an Android app directly from the OS while keeping your personal data private.

/e/OS also comes with an integrated private suite of tools (mails, calendar, documents, contacts, notes, tasks) connected with an individual and personal @e.email account. Your account is stored on our encrypted servers and allows you to keep a convenient data back up.

/e/ OS is a de-googled OS with all the backdoors closed and watertight software environment that lets you enjoy all the mod-cons that modern devices offer without being a typewriter in the age of word processors. What you do on the phone is never handed out to corporations. Your data is assumed as sacred and never monitored, not on the cloud, not on the phone. Where you go, what you do and who you do it with is nobody’s business — not even ours.

This combination is a unique privacy-in privacy-out environment for your mobile phone and your digital needs.

Available on premium refurbished smartphones

As /e/OS is an alternative to conventional mobile OS, we thought we could offer it in an alternative way: we proudly “free” pre-owned smartphones from their data-hungry OS and refurbish them with /e/OS.

Re-use of smartphones is an amazing way of reducing landfill use and helping reduce our impact on the environment. We partner with select providers to offer highest grade refurbished smartphones so you get a “like new” experience at a reduced price.

Our smartphones will be Grade A+ (best-refurbished quality), unlocked for all GSM carriers, with a 1year warranty, and of course, pre-installed with the latest version of /e/OS.

Key Features

Mobile services based on microG and other open source services.

No location tracking: we don’t track your location 24/7.

Privacy by design OS forked from Android.

Compatible with most Android apps.

No data scanning: we don’t read your data on your phone or our servers.

Embedded account manager for your @e.email ID.

No app tracking: we don’t track the apps you use on your phone and what you do with them.

14 pre-installed open source Android apps to cover most common needs (mail, browser, messages, camera, dialer, calendar, contacts, clock, gallery, file manager, sound recorder, calculator, keyboard, android app installer).

Embedded Android app installer featuring a privacy score for each App so you know if your privacy will be compromised before installing an app.

Integrated private suite of tools with 5Gb of free storage (mails, calendar, documents, contacts, notes, tasks).

How is it different?

  • Their business model does not rely on selling your data to the best offering: they do not scan your data, access your data or track you hundreds of times a day.
  • Because they are Open Source, their code is available for evaluation: they have nothing to hide and if you find any piece of code sending personal data, let us know, we will fix it.
  • They rely on open source apps, sharing similar vision and principles around personal data and user privacy.
  • /e/ is about freedom and choice: any existing Android application can be used. They go further by highlighting how many built-in trackers are hidden within each app, so you know in advance of a potential threat to your data.