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Your leakproof, compliance-minded productivity platform.

If you look up the words “icloud/google cloud hacking’, you will stumble upon several horror stories, and nothing on the internet will seem safe.

One might ask, how do these intrusions happen, despite billions of dollars being thrown at them? Is no one safe?

The answer is simple; the cloud products are not built like a vault of your data (as advertised), rather corporations themselves want access to your data and what better way to gain access it when thousands of gullible people hand it over willingly assuming it would be secure.

Intentional backdoors into whatever you store on the cloud mean you are no longer in charge of your privacy.

NextCloud changes all of that and restores balance to the universe by delivering cloud storage as originally intended and its purest form.

No backdoors, no ulterior motives, just plain simple cloud storage, with one way in and one way out. Just you. All your data is fortified and secure right down to the trail of metadata.

Imagine NextCloud as a military bunker, immune to the waves of incessant attacks from prying parties. Layers of impenetrable virtual steel and concrete. And at the heart of it is your data, inaccessible to all but you.

You can choose from our hosting location in Germany (away from the sneaky ‘Five eyes’) or if compliance is an issue, right here in Australia.

Key Features

Concentrated hosting

Choose from hosting in Germany (away from the prying ‘Five Eyes’ nations) or if compliance is a factor, at home in Australia.

Leak-proof architecture

No backdoors. All data is fortified without leakage – and that includes metadata.

Single point of access

The user and only the user control the data.


  • Secure storage, sharing and collaboration
  • Peace of mind – nobody can access your data but you
  • Infrastructure protection and compliance adherence

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