Keep your personal and authorised contact separate like oil and water. Never mixing, just coexisting.

What is SaltDNA

The word encryption is tossed around like a volleyball a lot, but very few understand for it to be effective, coverage must wholesome and comprehensive for any organisation. Especially for those organisations who rely on near-instant communication. SaltDNA is closed-loop, multi-layered encryption solution of the highest grade. Voice and texts that flow through the organisation vary in nature and purpose, but for any third party, even the slightest leak is worth its weight in gold. The fallout from such eavesdropping can be dire.

What Salt DNA does is give you peace of mind that whatever you speak or send is kept within a closed-loop system. Collaborate with colleagues in any corner of the world and send files without the risk of interception.

Access control

Access is controlled and monitored by a centralised system. You control who gets to see over that fence, what they see, and how long they see it for. Communication usage can be monitored granularly at the individual level or collectively for a group. SaltDNA also lets you keep your personal and authorised contacts separate like oil and water. You are never mixing just coexisting. All of this from any corner of the globe on any network. Freedom without the shackles of geographical location or selected internet networks.

Key features

Secure collaboration

Protected conference calling and group messaging.

Secure file transfer

Protected attachments (documents and images).

Encrypted voice & Text

End-to-end encryption on all messages and calls, plus the ability to instantly burn history.

Centralised Management

Administrators control access to the system and new users can be given instant provisional access.


  • Collaborate confidentially and with total privacy
  • Send files in the office and on the go on any network in the world
  • Total control over user access
  • Monitor communication usage individually and collectively
  • Keep your personal and authorised contacts separate

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