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The modern-day work environment is unpredictable. Decisions are handed down, and information shared at a mind-boggling rate. All of it mostly through email exchanges and that too across multiple platforms. The last thing anyone would want is unwanted and unauthorised access to such a data flow.

Enter Tutanota. A 3-Pronged encryption approach that covers your data like no other.


Your email is accessible by and resides on a variety of access methods, and so does tutanota. From a Webmail client, desktop software and a phone client, your data is kept within the relevant spheres.

How does Tutanota do this? By laying the base groundwork for encryption by using the industry standards such as an end to end TLS encryption, STARTTLS, PFS, DNSSEC, DANE, DMARC, DKIM. These technologies are used to secure your connection to Tutanota.

They are further encouraged by our open source-based mail encryption code. We are proud of our work and this code can easily be verified by third party security experts who will attest to its robustness.

White label/ customer integration

Tutanota is adaptive and proactive. It’s easily branded with your company logos and credentials. Customisable nature of the software means it can comfortably sit on your subdomain and all email sign-on are redirected to Tutanota domain.

Zero-knowledge calendar

The final part of the encryption framework is the zero-knowledge calendar. Not a soul besides you knows what your upcoming days, weeks or months look like. Integrated with the Tutanota email client, the calendar (as the name suggests) is heavily encrypted and only accessible by you.

Feature-rich and nuanced, the calendar works just like its contemporaries but comes with security like no other. The fast web client and app are available on both iOS and Android.

All three aspects work to make your day to day professional life, private, unencumbered by sophisticated security methodologies and most of all, leak-proof.

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Key Features

Open source, verification-ready mail

Security experts can verify the code that protects your emails.

Variety of interfaces

A webmail client, smartphone app and desktop software.

Maximum login protection

Password unlocks your private key and encrypted information.

Highest level of encryption

End-to end and TLS encryption with STARTTLS, PFS, DNSSEC, DANE, DMARC and DKIM to secure your connection to Tutanota.


  • Easy to access, no matter where you are in the world
  • Protection from conventional tracking methods
  • Data storage in Germany (bound by strict EU privacy regulations)
  • Affordable business upgrade (GPDR compliant)