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What is Secure Repairs?

Handing over your phone to the clutches of strangers is never a natural choice – until now. NCrypt and iMend have partnered to offer the most transparent and comprehensive repair process on the market so that you can safely hand over any phone containing any level of sensitive data and know what’s happening to it at all times.

What separates this service from competitors is the fact that we track and record all work completed on your device. That’s right, not only can you follow your phone as it travels, but you can watch a video of the repair process – all from the comfort of your own home.

Key Features

Location and status tracking

Know where your phone is at all times whether in transit, at its destination, or on its way back to you.

Recorded monitoring

The entire iMend process is completely transparent so you can download footage of the assessment and repair, directly after the service.

The highest quality service and parts

iMend uses use only top quality, OEM and aftermarket parts that are all tested in-house.


  • Total privacy, confidentiality and safety
  • Instant communication and support
  • Legally binding warranty
  • 100% Australian ownership

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