The only mobile device defence that grows smarter by the day.


What is zIPS?

Whether we like it or not (and chances are you don’t), most of the information on OS and Android device is exposed and available to anyone with questionable intentions and the right kind of technical knowledge. Even if you download a protective application in an attempt to secure your precious information, it only ever looks out for established threats. Meanwhile, day by day, hour by hour, hackers, corporations, governments and faceless third-parties are inventing new ways to terrorise your digital territory. And you’re left waiting for a software update that usually loses its relevance by the time it’s finished downloading.

If only there was a threat detection application that could evolve as rapidly as the threats appear? Now there is.

ziPS, created by the award-winning team at Zimperium, is a game-changing innovation for iOS and Android mobile devices. Installation goes further than just protecting your precious information from known threats, but also emerging ones. That’s right, each and every day, zIPS grows in power and intellect, detecting fresh threats before they’re given the chance to do damage. The private mobile information for individuals, groups and enterprises is now more protected than ever.

How does zIPS do what nothing else can?

The short answer is z9™ technology.

z9™ is revolutionary. It’s a mobile threat defence engine that relies on machine-learning to detect threats in real time. When zIPS is installed, it scrutinises every micrometre of your device, ready to engage upon the presence of the slightest deviation in OS statistics, memory, CPU and every other necessary system parameter. Not only will it quickly and accurately identify the threat, but provide all necessary accompanying information – the who, what, where, when and how.

As proof of z9’s efficiency, zIPS has detected 100% of zero-day mobile exploits. That’s right, 100%. If a new threat penetrates your device, zIPS absolutely will act and expose it for what it is.


  • Geniuses for you - created by a team of advanced mobile security researchers and developers
  • No gaps in totality - updates are never required
  • 100% confidence - knowing that whatever the threat, zIPS has got it covered


  • Real-time machine-learning - advanced management interface, integration with leading management solutions
  • zConsole - advanced management interface, integration with leading management solutions
  • Enterprise ready - the best and most forensic mobile threat defence solution for businesses of any scale